Most people don’t wash their hands properly

Research shows that how you wash your hands has a significant impact on your health as well as the well-being of those around you. Washing your hands is the one most effective methods to prevent the spread of illness and infections. But recent research shows, despite awareness of the importance of washing your hands, people fail to do it properly. A study at published in the Journal of Food Protection found that only 30% of people over 60 yers of age properly washed and dried their hands before preparing food in a domestic kithcen.

Furthermore the study found that 90% of people failed to wash and dry their hands properly immediately after handling raw chicken. And that 62% failed to rub hands, palms and between fingers when washing hands. It was also discovered that 47% of people in the study failed to use soap during one or more hand washing attempt.

In extension this means that huge amounts bacteria are deposited on the door handles, especially in public toilets and washrooms. And even though you may take the time to thoroughly wash your hands before leaving, you are more than likely going to have to touch the handle once more. Although you are clean, the person who touched it before you may have just blown their nose.

Washing hands regularly is simply not enough to stop this form of germ breeding on door handles from occurring. Harmful bacteria or viruses will still be on your hands and possibly causing infections to you and others.

Clean Handle

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