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2602, 2020

Coronavirus: Hand-hygiene can help reduce the risk of a pandemic

Coronavirus: Hand-hygiene can help reduce the risk of a pandemic The WHO issued a warning last week that the world must be prepared for a Coronavirus pandemic. A recent study published in Risk Analysis suggests that increasing traveler engagement with proper hand-hygiene at all airports has the potential to reduce the risk of a potential pandemic by 24-69 percent. Furthermore, the study shows that if hand-hygiene strategies are implemented in just ten critical airports, central to the global air-transportation network, the pandemic risk can drop by up to 37 percent. "Airports, and airplanes, are highly infectious because they are close, confined areas with large, mobile populations. Viruses are spread through bodily fluids, so keeping hands clean at major transport hubs is central to control spread." - [...]

2012, 2019

Most people don’t wash their hands properly

Most people don’t wash their hands properly Research shows that how you wash your hands has a significant impact on your health as well as the well-being of those around you. Washing your hands is the one most effective methods to prevent the spread of illness and infections. But recent research shows, despite awareness of the importance of washing your hands, people fail to do it properly. A study at published in the Journal of Food Protection found that only 30% of people over 60 yers of age properly washed and dried their hands before preparing food in a domestic kithcen. Furthermore the study found that 90% of people failed to wash and dry their hands properly immediately after handling raw chicken. And that 62% [...]

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